Hot Stone Massage 熱石按摩 - 60 Minutes $120 90 Minutes $150 2 hours $200

Hot stone therapeutic treatment is thought to have originiated in China almost 2000 years ago. Since then, the technique of using stones for healing has been used in many different countries. The stones used are made of the volcanic rock called basalt and are chosen because they retain heat.

During a hot stone massage with us you can expect long smooth gliding strokes over the body with the stones.  Stones will also be placed on specific areas of the body, for example stones will be lined up along the sides of the spine in order to warm up the back muscles and help the body completely relax.  Stones will also be placed on the soles of your feet and in your hands.  The stones are another way of helping the body to detox by releasing toxins from the muscles to assist the body in self-healing.  If you've never had a hot stone massage before they are truly a great way to completely relax, and if you have had one before and maybe your experience was so/so then come and try one with us today and experience the difference.  There is an art to this type of massage and we are extremely passionate about providing you with the best hot stone massage you will ever experience.

Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue Massage深層組織按摩  – 30 Minutes $60 60 Minutes $100

Sports massage therapy is the application of remedial techniques in a sports specific way, before, during and after activity, often of short duration, dealing with injury, strains and cramps as they occur. We provide professional sports and remedial massage for the prevention and recovery from common sports injuries, aches and pains.

Some people think that this type of massage is incredibly painful but ultimately the pressure used in your massage is guided by you and the therapist will always ask for feedback on the pressure that is being used.

You can expect short periods of therapeutic pain during a sports massage, however it usually lasts momentarily and is experienced only when working on a muscle knot or a sore point. Its commonly thought of as a “good hurt or pain”.

MJ Signature Swedish Style Relaxation Massage 瑞典按摩 – 30 Minutes $60

MJ Signature Swedish combined with Lomi Lomi techniques 瑞典和洛米洛米按摩 60 Minutes $100 90 Minutes $150 2 hours $200

Just like its name, relaxation massage focuses on both physical and mental relaxation to unwind and reduce muscle tension. During the massage you can expect long smooth gliding strokes that are both rhythmic and flowing and pressure that is deeply relaxing, but not painful. Various swedish massage and Lomi Lomi techniques are incorporated which are exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. You can expect soothing music in the background, candles, generous hot oil and hot towels to remove the oil afterwards when you come and experience a relaxation massage with us.

Please note we only use the best organic sweet almond oil for our massages, however we do also have coconut oil available on request (please request this when making your booking so we can have it heated and ready to use)

For anyone who would prefer we don't use oil then we do have a selection of massage balms and moisturising cream available. You are also most welcome to bring your own special blend for us to use.