Feleti – April 2019

“I am just writing to say, I was very honored and privileged to be allowed to be your first client on your new owned studio. (A bit late tough..lol)

I have been searching for a top class professional therapeutic masseur to work with and I just found you. Your studio looks amazing, very clean and professionally set up. You are very welcoming, friendly and very easy to talk to and you make me fully relax in no time. You worked your magic untying those knots in my neck, shoulder and back and really did not want the massage to end. Your professionalism is next to nothing. With my job, sporting activities and old age..lol, you have given this old battered body some life again. Now I am enjoying work, gym and running around the sports field on the weekend again.

Now, I am hooked and become a regular in your studio for that top class professional therapeutic massage of yours. I will be recommending you and your service to my friends and families from now on.

Well done and keep up the amazing service. For myself, I am looking forward for my next appointment.”